the story of sashes

When the two of us met, we had no idea that Sashes would grow out of our new found friendship. We just loved blogging and coffee and running together and talking mom stuff.  It's just that our conversations kept coming back to questions about being mothers, wives, shop owners and daughters of the Most High King.  How all of those seem to collide together into this mess of a thing that we were trying to navigate.

And we started to wonder. Wouldn't it be nice to talk to all of YOU about these things? Blogging and business keeping can be solitary and our hearts were growing toward community.

And so we thought, why not? Why not create a place that encouraged spiritually and relationally and vocationally? Why not invite every one of you to be part of our conversation?

What will you find here?

Biblical Encouragement. Everything we've looked toward and prayed about has grown out of Proverbs 31.  We want to embolden you from God's Word to be who you were made to be. To use your gifts with joy. To put your hand to the plow. We want to wrap each of you up in what God has to say about YOU.

Practical Help. Collectively we've been at this thing for over four years. Also. We're not afraid to share our failures with you. We'll be open about what's worked and what hasn't. We'll talk you through opening a shop and keeping it. Through ordering your day. Through keeping your priorities (family first!) in line. All the mole hills that, unattended, become looming mountains.

Community.  It is our heart to hear from you, too.  We'll be featuring shop owners just like you who are striving to put first things first and second things second. Who want to honor the Lord in all that they do. There are many parts and one Body and we can't wait to showcase YOUR gifts.

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