Tuesday, September 20, 2011

building community: moxie mandie

When Jessi and I began this adventure called Sashes to the Merchants, one thing we really wanted to do is use real life, perfectly imperfect women to encourage the rest of us. In the spirit of not comparing but taking joy for each other and learning along the way, we want to build community.

One way we hope to do that is to give other women an opportunity to share their gifts and what God is teaching them as they put their hands to the plow.

Today, I'd love to introduce you to the lovely Mandie. Mandie owns an adorable handmade shop-Moxie Mandie-where she sells funky and sophisticated pillow covers, fun mug rugs and precious baby products. You won't meet a more encouraging friend, I promise. Mandie is in the business of building up and making community and it's a blessing to watch her do it.


Here's what Mandie has to say about the Proverbs 31 woman:

I see the parts of me that are nothing like the Proverbs 31 woman and wonder if there will ever be an overlapping of characteristics. I don't feel that I have any of her attributes, but I know that I need to acknowledge the things I am & not just focus on the negative. I do not rise early to work- it's the other way around. I am not often on top of 'the affairs of my home' and I sadly do eat the bread of idleness, & I am often convicted of such things. I know that since beginning sewing for others, I let my own home go (not that I was ever very motivated to 'keep' it), but have begun using the skills that I have & enjoy to do things for us. Instead of sewing pillows & pillows for others, I throw one in for myself occasionally, so that I can share the fruits of my labor with my husband, instead of just the mess. I enjoy trading my skill for another's so as to reduce the burden on us both, and our families. I have yet to make any real investments with my earnings, but I have plans in mind, aspirations to achieve. I wouldn't say that I'm a wise person, but I'm trying more and more to consider my decisions concerning business & to confer with my husband.

The Proverbs 31 Woman can easily intimidate, there's no mistaking that. But by finding one characteristic at a time to work on, I think she can be inspirational, & even helpful, too.

Don't you love the grace that Mandie has learned to have for herself? It's not about being all things at all times. We have to make choices. Let's set about dethroning these ideals of being able to accomplish everything all the time. I don't know why we do it to ourselves but I'm so thankful for Mandie's honesty about how she's learned to give some and take some.

And! Mandie would love to offer 15% off her products. Just use the code SASHES at checkout!

Would you like to be part of this community we're building? We're looking for Christian women with handmade shops (that includes you designery people, too!) to be part of Sashes. Leave your contact information in the comments (including shop information) and we'll be in touch!

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