Friday, October 7, 2011

Laura, she's along for the ride.

Hi friends. Jessi here. 
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This is where we get to build COMMUNITY. 
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Hi everyone! I'm Laura and I'm along for the ride. 

No really, I am.

When I first started my blog back in October 2009, I questioned what I would write, how it would look, and what kind of pictures I would post, but I never questioned what the title would be. "Along for the Ride" came to me quickly and never left.

Along for the Ride isn't just the name of my handmade shop and my blog, but it's how I see my walk with the Lord. I am along for the ride He has planned for me, and what a glorious ride it is!

Being along for the ride isn't about taking a back seat or being apathetic along life's journey, nor is it about taking the journey lightly. For me, being along for the ride is about trusting in the Lord to guide your everyday moments and to be a constant companion on your journey to everlasting life. Yes, the destination (and hopefully spending the rest of eternity in the presence of God) is incredible and something I think of often. But I believe the journey, and how we live and trust, is sometimes more important.

My favorite bible verse is Proverbs 3:5.

"Trust the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding."

I struggle with this. I struggle with this a lot. Putting my complete and total trust in someone or something I can see and touch is one thing. But putting my faith and my life and my future in the hands of someone I can't see...that for me is a daily battle of head versus heart.

"Along for the Ride" is a reminder that I am not in control. I am not driving the ship. I am not the captain, the engineer, or the cruise director. God is in control and I need to be along for his ride, not my own.

For me, Proverbs 3:5 is truly what it comes down to

A little more about me...

During the day (and lots of times at night) I work professionally as a hall coordinator- I run a residence hall on a college campus. My husband Kyle and I live in the hall and our neighbors are 400 loud, silly, messy, wonderful college students. We have a kitty baby named Jupiter that shares our little apartment.

When I'm not working in the hall, I spend my time with a glue gun in hand, making lovely things for my shop. My motto is "keep is simple" and I try to make simple accessories that aren't too dramatic or fussy, but add just a pretty touch of whimsy to an already beautiful you.

"Keep it simple" is my motto for my life as well and I blog a lot about the simple, little, imperfect things that make life sweet.

I can also be found here: 


  1. i used to work as an RA in college and then later in Student Development - such an incredible, fun and craaazy ministry! never knew that part of your life, laura. great feature, ladies!

  2. I love Laura's blog. She's such a sweetheart!

  3. so excited about your endeavor and support of handmade christian shops (and the women behind them!). i'm your newest follower!