Saturday, November 19, 2011

it's a Sashes takeover. Happy Birthday Ellen!

In this stage of internet-goodness, you meet all sorts of women.
Kind women, Nice women, Cute women, Godly women. 
But you're not in their daily life and who knows what they're really like.
(this is more of a joke, I don't want to strike fear into your hearts)

But I (Jessi) am here to say: 
Ellen, the co-president of this wonderful non-exclusive club, is a gem and a half. 
She is the real deal.
She is wise and wonderful and lovely and precious. 
She is a good friend, a great mom, and a devoted wife.
She has great skin and kind advice.
I'm beyond thankful for her and all that God is doing in her. 

Give her a shout out on twitter, her blog, or right here if you will.
Love ya'll. 

Happy Birthday E! 
I love you! 

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