Wednesday, December 14, 2011

life in between perfection and failure.

This is the season. The season of twinkle lights and parties and baking and list making. One last hurrah and then we start all fresh and new. Our Savior's birth calls us in.

It's also the season I feel most inadequate. I just started Christmas shopping on Monday. And we're busier than I want us to be. And I'll never be caught up on ironing. And I've worked so hard that I'm worn out and heavy with the things I've neglected.

Sometimes it takes living in the tension, an idea Jessi's been ministering to me. Life is choices. We can't be all to all. Here are three things to consider to make living in the tension a possibility:

1. Change your expectations. You can't be the best wife, mother, worker, housekeeper, friend and PTO mom all at the same time. You just can't. Those expectations? They're only making you believe that you only have to work a tiny bit harder.

2. Take joy in your weakness. Really, Christ has promised that where we are weak, He is strong. Your weaknesses? More opportunity for more of Him. You can't be perfect. But. You can be used by Him.

3. Set a date. Last Wednesday at 9 pm, I quit. :). My last show was over. No more making. I've listed a few things in my online shop and that closes on December 18th. My rest date means that I can turn in to my family and iron and catch up on dishes and laundry and actually start Christmas shopping. Maybe you can't have a rock solid rest date. Can you pick one day? One morning? Just once a week where you put work in its place?

You can't be perfect. You can't be all. But you can be used by Him.

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