Wednesday, January 25, 2012

for things kept close


Your fears? He knows them. Even the private ones.

Your failures? He sees them. Even the hidden ones.

Your triumphs? He authors them. Even the ones kept close.

Sometimes when we are at the beginning of things-and beginnings are like a record on repeat in our day to day lives-the best thing is to be at the beginning. And to be the open and laid bare that we already are.

You're afraid to start? He already knows it.

You're afraid of what will happen if your mind's eye fabulous isn't what really happens? He's already there.

You just can't bear a season of uncertainty? He's shoring it up.

So. If you are at a beginning today, this year, this month? Just go ahead and admit it. And step into it.

You are at the beginning. And He is there. Seeing and loving every part of you, your hope, your what if and your if then.

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