Wednesday, January 18, 2012

in support of margins

This is a manifesto of sorts. For margins.

If your work calls your name first thing in the morning? So loud that you can't make five minutes to be about your Maker and what He has to say to you? Put your work where it belongs.

If your work crowds out your family so that service to them is a nuisance? So that you almost never say yes? Put your work where it belongs.

If you work isolates you from your community? If you can't stop to love a friend or stranger? If you don't even know your neighbor's name? Put your work where it belongs.

Because your work? Will be better where it belongs. It will be stronger. Because it flows out of who you are. And who you are is every bit Who made you.

And He has said, "Meet Me in the morning."

And He has said, "Submit to one another."

And He has said, "Feed my sheep."

Put your work where it belongs. It doesn't belong in the white spaces that say, this? This is a life. And this life is a story. And this story is valuable. And this story is to be read. Because of Who is writing. it.

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