Wednesday, February 1, 2012

five encouragements for starting.

It was so exciting to see many of y'all share during our Getting to Know You week that you are thinking about and praying about and getting ready to open up shop.

Would you like to talk about beginnings today? Here are five encouragements for starting:

1. You set the expectations. You probably feel like you aren't ready. But I'm guessing that that feeling has more to do with what you think others will expect. It took me months to open up my little shop on etsy because I was afraid I didn't have enough product or variety or fanciness for other people. Etsy is wonderful because it's low risk. You decide what your shop will be.

2. That nagging fear isn't going to go away. If you're waiting because you feel afraid, the truth is that you'll never start. Go ahead and do it anyway. Failure is an option but you define what failure is. I confess that I always default to a fear of others seeing my fail but the truth is that if I dig deeper, I'm more afraid to not try. Don't let fear be your compass.

3. Be ready to prime the pump. There are millions and millions of sellers on Etsy. At least it feels like it. What makes your shop unique is you. Do you have a blog? Share the process of opening your shop. Are you on twitter? Facebook? Post tiny peeks at what you are working on. Ask friends to talk about your shop. I always, always feel more compelled to buy from people that I have some sort of relationship with. Include your little community in your endeavor.

4. Set a date and chip away. It feels overwhelming. I know. The best way I've found to work on shop opening and updates is to set a date. And then? Work on it bit by bit. Even if I'm tired. Even if I'm overwhelmed. I try to find some tiny way I can advance toward my date.

5. Wrap it in prayer. Listen, this is the most important thing to do. God is your shield and your rear guard, the Lifter of your head. Everything. Everything points to Him. Pray about the work of your hands and ask Him to shape your heart so that it is about Him and not about you or success or what others think. God knows what you need and He has prepared it for you in His timing.

Do you want to talk more about this? Have a tip for others? Share in the comments!

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