Monday, May 14, 2012

Giving into Grace

Boy, today is a great example of a day where I could use some grace.

I've spent all day in my office (typing this from my office!), and at 8:15pm my time, I see at least two more hours of work in my future.

I run a residence hall. Our students moved out Friday which means lots and lots of paperwork for me Monday. I've gone through just about every room in this 420 person hall, inspecting scrapes and scratches, moving forgotten items, and rummaging through stacks of closing documents.

Emails piled up today as I had to prioritize one important task over another.

And you know what didn't get prioritized. My post here. I forgot. I woke up yesterday telling myself "now make sure you write for Monday," and I woke up today far away from life online.

But you know what? I'm going to give into grace today and let it be ok.

Why is it so easy to understand God's grace, yet so often forget the grace we should allow ourselves and others?

That wiggle room to be busy. To forget. To not have time. To be too tired.

The grace to not be perfect.

How do you need to give into grace this week? Where in your life do you need a bit of allowance to not be perfect, but to be perfected in Him?

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