Thursday, May 3, 2012

straight from the source

My friend Sarah drinks raw milk, which she says is the most delicious thing ever.

When she runs out, she drives her car to a farm and buys some more.  From a farmer.  Who gets it from a cow.

I buy my milk from the supermarket, and it’s great, but it’s been from farmer to factory to shop floor, and it’s just not as fresh.  It’s not like Sarah’s raw milk.

When Sarah’s family needs milk, she goes to the source.

Sometimes, when I’m dried up, I look to the middleman. 

I cruise blogs and Pinterest and I pick up some really good ideas.  But more often than not, I end up confused and frustrated, overwhelmed with everything out there, discouraged that what I’m doing doesn’t look as good as that or that or that.

So I’ve been trying something new.  Just before I get started – right before I pick up my pen or my camera or my laptop – I get on my knees.  I ask my Father for the inspiration that only comes from Him.

Real, raw, fresh.

And He provides it so faithfully, because He's the Author, the Creator.

I want my sustenance straight from the Source.

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