Friday, June 22, 2012

A Cause

As an artist and believer I think it's important to join a cause you can give your gifts to. I'm not sure I do this often enough...on the other hand, being a "yes" person when someone comes to me and shares a "great" opportunity for something it is often hard to say no. Remembering Faith's post from a few weeks ago on exchanging no for yes, what I'm NOT saying is, say yes to every opportunity to support a cause that comes your way. Let the Lord lead your yes when it comes to the cause. Is there a cause pressing on your heart? Where do you want to get involved? 

This week, I am exercising my "yes" and I am working with a great organization called the A21 campaign. The A21 campaign is an anti-human trafficking organization that exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century. They have a big fundraiser this weekend happening in Charleston and a few artists are putting together an art installation that will walk people through the journey from slavery to freedom. 

In my series I have the privilege of telling the stories of specific women who have been rescued out of slavery and been brought to the A21 safe house. There they are given love and support and tools to help them integrate back into the world as free women. I am honored to be part of this cause and I am anxious to see the finished installation. Here's a peak at some of my progress.

As a deadline oriented artist...I am working like a mad woman to finish my series by saturday evening, crazy I know. Your prayers for endurance would be gratefully received. Maybe one of our wise Sashes sisters can write a post about the dangers of saving work to the last minute...Lindsey? Faith? :)

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