Monday, June 25, 2012

just a few (what I wish I'd known)

Lately I've had these businessy-bloggy-lady thoughts just a rolling around in my head. 
I keep on thinking: I wish I had a platform where I could encourage women about the things I wish I'd known, things I wish I could tell them. 
And then I remember - hooray! Sashes! 

So these are a few tiny thoughts, that could possibly compile bigger posts.
Some little tidbits that you may know and you may not. 
They're proved true and helpful for me & may just for you too. 

1. Schedule every little thing that you can in advance. It helps you see your business/blog with VISION. Schedule posts, schedule sales, schedule when you'd like to create new content, schedule time to dream and please, sweet girls - schedule time to rest from all endeavors. 
2. Twitter is your friend for growing any endeavor. But use it to build community, not necessarily just broadcast about yourself. I talk to many many bidness ladies who say twitter is their number 1 traffic provider. But you MUST be genuine. 
3. You don't have to do all the things. To be a lady of online influence, you don't HAVE to do fashion fridays, fifteen linkups, a shop, six blog posts a week, twitter, facebook, klout, giveaways, vlogs, tutorials, instagram, you know - all the things. In fact, I'd say if you do ALL the things ALL the time, your voice/brand/business might get lost. 
4. Ask for feedback before you get feedback. If you make a product, write about something in particular, run a site, run a business - ask some people you trust who will not just tell you what you want to hear: How am I doing? If you don't get feedback from people you trust, you will get it from everyone else you don't trust - include your own discouraging thoughts. 
5. Teach people how to treat you as a businesswoman. If your schedule doesn't allow for you to reply to emails daily or get your product out in 3-5 business days, be up front and don't apologize. Most of us are businesswomen second or third or fourth - while we are wives, mamas, friends, sisters first, second, and third. Don't feel bad about that and don't apologize. 

Just some leeeettle tidbits for you today.
We'd love to hear YOUR little tidbits of advice too! 

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