Friday, June 29, 2012

Sashes Sessions

Have you heard about our Sashes Sessions? As a sponsor, it's your chance to get one on one consultation from your choice of Sashes contributors! We've gathered our super-powers and created five separate sessions focused on teaching, encouraging, and sharing new ideas with you!

With our powers combined...
BEAUTY- by Lindsey.  
Our hearts are inspired when we are surrounded by an atmosphere of beauty and creativity. Lindsey's session is all about cultivating beauty in your home, shop, and virtual space. Have fun exploring your unique sense of style, and discover new ideas to creatively curate your space. 

PROSE- by Faith
Everyone has a story, and Faith's session is about helping you tell yours.  Whether you want to know how to come up with blogging ideas or write engaging copy for your etsy shop, Faith is your (words) girl. 

COMMUNITY- by Laura.  
Laura is all about pj parties, sharing tea, and building a virtual community through your blog that carries over into real life friendship. This session explores new opportunities and ideas to bring together your readership into a comfortable and warm community.

As an artist inspiration and creativity is April's heart. In a session with her you have the opportunity to share your heart for your business, and together you will explore creative possibilities in any areas you wish, from product design to studio space.

VISION- by Jessi
Purpose. Vision. Purpose. Vision. Whether it's business or blogging or breakfast, we know things have to have a purpose and a vision for where they're headed. Jessi's session will deal with making pointing your endeavor in a direction that you can lead and your people can follow - from starting a project, through the visual direction, and the end product. 

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