Friday, July 13, 2012

Cohesive Design

First off, this post comes with two disclaimers:

1. Photography is not one of my artistic gifts.
2. The rest of my house is not this clean, I tidied the living room just for the pictures :)

That being said I want to share a bit on design. I am using my living room as an example but these guidelines carry throughout any design: products, website and studio etc. Beginning with a design figure out what you want to say, what do you want your design to communicate to the viewer. For our living space, I wanted it to be welcoming and fun.

Once you know what you want to communicate it is good to choose a few different elements to carry throughout such as colors or textures. And then make sure that everything you put in the space reflects those chosen elements. When choosing for our living room I had to consider my husband's design tastes as well as my own. I like a more vintage feel and Robert loves clean and modern, because I am the wife, the room mostly reflects my tastes :). In keeping a vintage mod feel we also chose the carry bright colors and fun patterns throughout the space. Black and white are our base colors  which ground the design. The colors, couches and the lamps are the main modern style elements.

The vintages elements spilling about the space are old books and bottles and our other furniture like the big steamer trunk coffee table.

Although our space is pretty full, I would say that when it comes to design, less is more a lot of the time. I wanted to make sure in decorating our space that each piece had a purpose. I don't wan't anything on my walls or floor that didn't mean anything or was just "there".  I had to love it and it had to reflect the goal of the design. 

Remember these tips when designing your studio space and blog header. What is your space about? what is your blog about? Don't just choose a font that is pretty...what can it communicate about your product or your story? 
In your work space...if it feels good, you'll want to be there working. Even if you don't have a studio, work to make your corner of the room fab, so that when you sit down to craft, everything is in order and ready for you. I would love to answer any design questions you have home or work related... send me an email!

Last Disclaimer: I do not in fact have it all together. Here is a picture of my studio in its current state:

we all have work to do :)

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