Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pickle Lover's Tutorial

So this morning a quick and painless tutorial for all of you pickle lovers! In case you haven't heard I am pregnant with our first little one. With pregnancy comes pickles, at least in our house. Not sure if it's really a craving, because I love pickles always, I think it's just an excuse to make Robert let me buy the fancy pickles.
 With all these pickle jars AND an unorganized studio I decided to repurpose the jars for a good cause. This is project is pretty self explanatory, quick and fun! So eat all your pickles and get started.

use chalkboard paint so you can easily change what's stored in your jar
lay out your lids and spray paint

paint two layers of chalkboard paint, making sure to let them dry in between 

label the top of your jars with chalk and organize away

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