Monday, October 17, 2011


For all of us women in this online world, I feel like there is a dirty little word that it’s about time we talked on for a minute.

them. I want to be famous to them. 

We all say it.
Maybe we seek it.
Maybe we’re confused by it.
But it’s there.

We all know of famous bloggers or famous etsy shops or famous photographers, and to some degree – it’s easy to think that’s the goal, right? We can maybe even shade it biblically if we want to. Lord, increase my territory – so I can give more glory to you!

And I’m absolutely not saying that’s wrong or that some famous bloggers or shop owners are not incredibly God-fearing women out for His glory alone. And I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a desire for God to grow your business or your brand so that you can bless your family and others with what He blesses you with.

But you know what I notice about the proverbs 31 woman? She is amazing. She is a righteous woman with His stamp of approval. And we don’t know a thing about who all knows about her or who cares about her. We only know that she is a blessing to others and she brings the Father much fame through her life.

The definition of famous is known or recognized, renowed, excellent, splendid.

You know who thought that proverbs 31 woman was famous?
Her husband who thought she was excellent & far more precious than jewels. Her entire house that she provides for, that she gets up before dawn for. Her household that sees her working in strength and dignity, faith and steadfastness. The poor around her that she reaches out to. Her husbands friends at the gates, who see that there is something about him because there’s something about her. Her children, who openly confess to being blessed by her. She is famous, maybe even heroic to them.  And to her God, who cherishes and loves her intimately and fully – who sees her potential and her failing and falling and covers her in His grace.

Ladies. Each of us are in worlds, surrounded by people who we can absolutely impact with God’s love, grace, and wisdom DAILY. Your husband, your children, the women at your church. Your friends. The poor. The poor in heart. Your neighbor. Your coworker.
As a woman of God you are filled with everything you need to be a part of God’s powerful plan in the lives around you.

You can be famous to them. Today.
And that is better than a million blog comments, a billion shop purchases, and a zillion twitter followers. Let's submit to Him, show Him what we're working with, and increase His fame today. 

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  1. im quoting this on the blog soon- AMAZING POST

  2. i really like this. especially as i begin expanding my blog a little, and am praying about opening a shop with my creations soon. y'all are so encouraging & real. THANK YOU.

  3. so beautifully written! thank you for the wisdom :)

  4. So very true. And in all truthfulness, do we reeeeaallly want to be famous (cause I always look funny in candid pictures, i.e. paparazzi)

    I just found your blog through Much Love, Illy and love love love love it. I need to connect with more Christian women bloggers!


    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  5. every monday, thoughts like these are running through my head. the weekends here are spent in my immediate, tangible world and the fullness of living in it keeps me grounded. when i don't unplug from email/blog/twitter/etc for an intentional day or so, i too easily fall prey to looking for me-fame. not to us, but to His name be the glory.

    thanks, friend, for opening this conversation. xo

  6. This is a gorgeous post! Thank you for writing it. It's so true. I need to just keep leaving all of my business plans in His hands. I'm still going to try to just serve others in what I do. Trusting is all my husband and I can do right now since we don't really understand what's going on.

  7. Wow! Hopped over here from Casey's blog and I just love what you wrote. Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing this. I've been getting a little sidetracked with blogging. Thanks for the reminder to put Him first!

  8. I agree so whole-heartedly I can hardly contain all my agreement. God has often reminded me that he wants me to be "nameless and faceless". That when people hear me speak or read my words, they would leave thinking "wow, God is amazing!" not, "Heather is amazing". The first shall be last...

  9. Very powerful. So glad I found your blog. I have had some life changing "aha" moments lately. God is good. He is constantly doing a work in us. I'm still praying for direction on whether blogging is truly something the Lord has for me. So far it has been an incredible little journey. If I get the green light, I'll be contacting you. I'd love to be a part of your team. I read your beliefs and everything. Perfectly written.

    ♥Heather Hawthorne

  10. God put Proverbs 31 in my heart a few months ago and since then I have encountered so many encouraging words like these in the blog world. Thank you for posting this. Life as a SAH mom isn't easy... but it's all worth it when the little guy hugs me and my husband thanks me for everything at the end of the day.

  11. I'm here from Casey's blog and wanted to take a look. Absolutely love your post, its message, and the words you chose to convey it.

  12. Honestly, fame doesn't drive me for the sake of fame itself, I need blog followers, readers, hits, purchases etc because I really want the opportunity to use this medium to provide for my family, both through purchases on my Etsy shop and sponsorship on my blog. I do love to write and create, and to be able to help my family via the work of my hands to me is what this is all about. I am so small right now, and we are so desperate, that I really can't wait until I actually have the ability to say that I was able to provide for my family via this medium.

    One thing that is REALLY hard for me is feeling like I have to be MORE plugged in than I already am. I don't know how - with my kids and responsibilities around my home, etc - that I could possibly "tweet" more, or FB more... when I am online I am working on my shop or my blog, and I don't think about my life enough in the context of Twitter enough to say something about every little thing that might be interesting, even though that might help me grow my blog or my shop. I really, really struggle so much with this I just want to quit sometimes.

    So for me - yes, I do desire "fame" - but because I NEED TO SUPPORT MY FAMILY. That's my biggest motivation. And, to know that by sharing my experiences with others helps them along, it's a beautiful circle and makes it all worth it even if this doesn't pan out for me in the end.

    Just being real.

    So, please follow my blog! Help me out!!


  13. wow... that was an amazing post. THANK YOU!!

  14. Wow wow wow. Thank you for the perspective. I love this!!

  15. God also put the Proverbs 31 woman on my heart recently. I just blogged about it at

    I love how you talk about her being famous to her family. That is exactly what I need to be worried about. Not that it's a sin to seek prosperity in your work, as you said, but we need to set our priorites on Him, our family, everyone else, then us. Thank you for this beautiful post

  16. Awesome post, Jessi! Understanding this relieves a lot of pressure as well... the pressure to produce according to the world's standards. Thank you for sharing!

  17. this was such a blessing to me. thank you. :)

  18. I read this yesterday and have been thinking about it all day today. thanks for the encouraging words. you are right on.... when it comes to who i need to be my best for, my boys are the most important peeps.