Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tweet. tweet.

Hey ladies! It's Jess again, with tips & tricks. 
Back in this post, I mentioned something about utilizing twitter for your businesses and some of you chirped that you'd like to hear more. So, let's discuss. 
Here are some things that we've found to be super
beneficial about the tweet phenomenon:

1. It builds community. 
Running a creative business, being a mom or wife, shoot - just being a woman, none of those things are incredibly easy done alone. God's word comes to life, becomes flesh in community. Of course it's amazing to have that IN THE FLESH through church bodies and "families" that the Lord has blessed us with, but a lot of us are in seasons that can be a tad isolating. Home with babies or busy with day jobs or maybe we just have a life situation that is unique and rare and they're aren't as many people in our "real life" who understand. 
So, it's great to connect with these women in a quick way. 

2. It gets your product out there quick. 
Have a new/interesting/amazing/sale product/special/post/service? 
Let's say you've been building community and making friends on twitter. Following women like you or women unlike you and making "friends" with them. Well, when you post your new thing or your old thing or your awesome thing, not only do they see it - but maybe they enjoy it so much they RETWEET it. Or maybe a few of them do? And all of a sudden your thought/idea/product/sale has been broadcast to potentially thousands of people within minutes. That is some quick and FREE advertising. 

3. (like always) You can be a blessing. 
We're all busy women with lots of people in our lives to serve. But I've been so blessed to find that getting on twitter for a few minutes gives me insight into how to pray for women in similar situations to myself, gains more wisdom & insight from the things they have to say, and allows me to be able to bless them occasionally. See a blogger having a hard week, send her a gift to cheer her up. See a short tweet from another woman who you know would love to grow her business, retweet her goods. 

Now, a few pointers for us all to keep in mind: 
- You gotta get out of your shell. It won't do too much good (to build your business) if you don't follow people, don't share your twitter username, and only tweet about your breakfast.
- Remember that as quickly as you can build up, you can tear down. As women of God, we're called to be salt & light and just because you're online, those rules still apply. 
- In all things, try and be a woman of God before you're a business woman. If you're only out to promote yourself, it will show and you'll miss out on the blessing of growing community and blessing others. Try to keep the bidness tweeting in a good balance if you can. 

And remember, it's only a suggestion! 
Maybe it's not for you or your plate is full or you're in a season of pruning the online correspondence. The Lord can certainly grow your endeavor without twitter! 
But we'd love to hear your thoughts?
What do you love/hate/not understand about twitter? 
How has it been a blessing for you? 

aaaand, if you need a few people to tweet with. 
You can start there:)  


  1. I don't have a Twitter account because with the blogging and the business, I just can't put tweeting into the time frame. It seems like people are tweeting all.the.time. Do you really think this element is missing from my repertoire?

  2. awesome post.
    i don't have a business, but twitter has been an amazing way to connect with bloggers and brands/businesses. i have found loads of handmade shops that i shop with now through twitter!
    #loveit ;)

  3. I officially have a twitter now :) @alys_hejl but I don't know how to use it! haha what's the difference between the @ and the # sign...?