Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tips & tricks - what mooooooves you.

Hey ladies! I am so excited for this post.
Here's why. 
You, with the creative shop. You, with the creative business. 
You, with the four kids and no time for creating. 
You, with the busy job who longingly glances at her sewing machine. 
You're all creative beings made by a creative God. 

I think I'm just starting to own the title - creative person. You might not like what I create and it might not be the best in the world, but there is something in me, that when prodded (or ignored) long enough, kind of wants to burst forth and praise the Lord and CREATE. Prints, a bad painting, a new sofa pillow arrangement, or a neatly ordered graph charting my kid's growth. I want to create because I want to be like the Creator who puts that in me, and I have a feeling you want to as well. 

But sometimes that that little image-bearing creative pulse in us need a little prodding, amen? A walk with a friend or a vivid dream or art show or a magazine or of course, pinterest. Sometimes we just need a little shake to get those creative juices pumping out. 

And for me, music is key. 
I have about five keys songs that once they are on, I want to splatter paint while I dance around the room. I want to worship through my creativity. I want to accept His gracious invitation to join Him in this beautiful process. 

So I thought today, why don't we just share some of those songs/books/pictures/websites that get our fingers twitching and our hearts thumpin. I'm going to simply share a few songs, but I cannot WAIT to hear all your inspiration sources. 

And you lady, sitting behind her laptop, SWEARING she's not creative. Why don't you read through the comments and see what He does in you? Maybe just maybe you're more like Him than you thought. :)

Adele: set fire to the rain

Enter the Worship Circle: Improv

Christina Perri: Arms

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