Friday, January 6, 2012

getting to know you, day five

Good morning, friends! It's our last day of Getting to Know You week and our last giveaway. But before we move on to today's question and goodies, we've got two winners to announce!

The winner of day three (handmade recess bags) is Ngai0 May. Email us at sashestothemerchants dot gmail dot com and we'll get your goodies to you!

And! The winner of day four (three sets of earrings from along for the ride) is Sarah. Email us at sashestothemerchants dot gmail dot com and we'll get your goodies to you!

I really loved reading over the last two days' comments. It was interesting to see how many of you are teetering on the edge of opening a shop. I loved, too, hearing from y'all what you'd like to hear more about. We're just so excited about this year and we want you to have a voice here.

One more thing? How exciting is it that Laura is joining our team? Seriously. Her heart for community is going to be a blessing here. She's already got some great ideas about how to develop even more connection . We're so thankful for her.

Okay. On to today's question. Let's talk about the internet. Will you share with us how this vast thing has influenced your life positively? What about negatively?

I'm am beyond grateful for the friendships I've gained through my little online corner. It takes energy and nurturing to make new friendships and the internet isn't exclusive of that fact. But! I'm so thankful for the people who have been added to my life.

However. I have to be very guarded about my time. We all know how easy it is to find too much time gone when we really only meant to check our email. Anything I do here is not a priority over my family and home. If I'm not careful, it's easy for me to make decisions that don't advance my priorities.

So. Will you share with us? Answer our question (How has the internet influenced you negatively and positively?) in the comments and you're entered to win two handmade recess ruffled towels. They're waffle weave and kitchen size and they have a bit of fun fabric ruffled across the front. I'll surprise you with which two you get :).


Here's how to enter:
1. For your first entry just answer our question in the comments :).
2. You can enter three times more -- if you tweet, facebook or blog about our getting to know you giveaways.
3. Please leave a comment for each entry and leave your email address with each entry.
4. I'll come back in the morning to post the winner!

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