Thursday, January 5, 2012

getting to know you, day four

Hi there! I'm Laura and let me just tell you how excited I am to be joining Jessi and Ellen at Sashes to the Merchants! I blog over at Along for the Ride and have been a Sashes sponsor from the beginning.

I will be joining the team this year to help build the Sashes to the Merchants community through our social media outlets. You'll see me on email, twitter, and a few posts along the way, too!

Aren't you just loving this week? It's been great to learn more about you all [and I look forward to getting to know you even more]!

As for me, gosh, here's three things to know.

I love Jesus, my husband, and my kitty cat baby names Jupiter.

I run a residence hall at a university which means I live and work with 400 silly, messy, amazing college students.

I have a heart for community and look forward to what's in store for Sashes this year.

What would you like to see us cover here in the new year?

Speaking of what's in store, what is something you'd like to see on Sashes? At the same time, what has been encouraging to you [so we can keep it up]?
Today I'm giving away three pairs of rosebud earrings in some of my favorite colors!

Here's how to enter!
1. For your first entry just answer our question :).
2. You can enter three times more -- if you tweet, facebook or blog about our getting to know you giveaways.
3. Please leave a comment for each entry and leave your email address with each entry.
4. Check back each day this week for a fun new question & a fun gift to win!

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