Monday, May 21, 2012

business lady transition

Alright, Sashes girls. 
Jessi here. 

Are you getting what we're here for? 
We want to talk about Jesus and making much of Him. 
We want to talk about Proverbs 31 and the picture He gave us of a virtuous woman. 
We want to talk about creativity and how He's made us all to love creating. 
And sometimes, we want to talk to those of you pursuing creative endeavors - you bloggers, shop owners, photographers, artists, creators. 
Those of you selling your sashes. 

So here is a "business" tip for you ladies - that I'm just starting to figure out. 
Faith talked last week about making an "office", which I fully agree with. Even if it's a corner of your kitchen table or a spot in your laundry room. It helps for sure. 

I'm here to talk about what you do when you're in that office. Well, really more what happens when you come in and what happens when you go out. 

We're in a new season of family-life-small-business life in that I'm taking some actual during the week work hours. Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 1-5. I divide that time up pretty equally between my Etsy shop, blog design, my blog, the conference that you're hopefully all coming to, and just general internet correspondence. The idea is that - if I throw my little heart into work in those hours, the rest of those hours  I can be face to face and heart to heart with my kiddos and my dishes and my husband and my real life that needs my face and my heart. 

But you know what I find? 
I find that if I don't transition well into work or transition well out of work, I'm in trouble from the get-go. 
I'm thinking about home life when I'm trying to work and I'm thinking about work when I'm supposed to be done. 

So I'm learning to ease into work. 
To truly just pray and ask the Lord to honor my time. 
Make a list of what I HAVE to get accomplished. 
Make a playlist. 
Organize my work station. 
You get the gist. 

And then I work, work, work, work, work until about ten minutes before I relieve the babysitter. 
And when I've got about ten minutes left, I do the following:
Assess my list and see what I got done. 
Clean up my desk. 
Spend a minute or two praying about my time with my family and thinking over what the rest of the day should look like. 
Stretch. Literally. Cause my old lady back be getting sore when I sit in an office chair. 
Take a few deep breaths and go out into the real world. 

Your list might look super different from mine. 
Your work time might look totally different, 
But I wonder if it wouldn't help you to think through some ways you can transition
between business lady and lady lady. 

And on that note, I'm off to stretch. 
And maybe do a few jumping jacks. 
Whatever it takes, to be ready for my precious Irish triplets and their 
energy, hearts, and intense desire for apples with peanut butter. 

Love you ladies. 
God bless you. 

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