Saturday, May 19, 2012

Front Porch Friday...just one day later.

I used to think that I had all the good ideas in our family... the pride comes out, just being real. But honestly as an artist I just take ownership over creative things, decor, anything looks related. I thought if it's a creative and fun idea then I'm probably going to be the one who thinks of it and that's it. Robert, my husband is a wonderful man who I lovingly refer to as my glue, because truly he makes everything happen in this house. He keeps me in line and bears with me in my emotional rants when they come. Although he is amazing, I wouldn't automatically think of him as a creative mind, but recently he has been coming up with some great ideas, blowing me out of the water...I must be rubbing off on him ;-)

So, a few weeks ago, Robert just in passing gives one of the best ideas in the history of our family, I was #1surprised and #2 so excited, blessed and humbled to be part of his house! The idea was Front Porch Fridays. He said, "we never spend anytime on our front porch, I think we need to start doing a front porch friday where we eat breakfast on the front porch and just watch our street". I instantly loved it and started thinking of all the sweet things it could bring, like tradition for our little ones when they come. It would bring memories for us and make us spend some rest time on our day off.

For transparency's sake, we have only had our Front Porch Friday once and it was actually on a saturday because I was working on friday. So, not to worry, we do not have it all together. But even so, that one  morning is already one of my favorite memories. Robert and I sat and just talked about ministry and life, memories of childhood and what we want our family to be. He sat and talked about his grandfather for a good twenty minutes just sharing about who he was, which was so sweet for me because I never got to meet his Papa. This may happen a lot in your home, but at 1445Bexley it is a rare occurrence.

I really think that as a culture in America and especially in our family, we need to take more time to rest, and spend time together that doesn't have a mission other than quality time. Most things for us seem like such a race and a "to do" that we can check off our list.  I want to be able give a balanced life to our children that it is rooted in them. I want them to work hard when it's time to work, but then when it's time to rest or play I want them to rest and play hard.

A first step for us will be Front Porch Friday at 1445Bexley, I am so looking forward to the sweet memories that will be made on this front porch in the days to come. What will  it be for you? Can you have a front porch friday? Or maybe a wacky wednesday dinner like a friend of mine does. What tradition of family identity will you give yours. I want to hear about it!

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