Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sponsor Sashes in June

Well, first of all, how do you like our new look? So cute, right? We've sure got some talented ladies working with Sashes!

We've got some big things in store over here, and a makeover is just the beginning.

We view Sashes less like a blog and more as a community. One where each of you play a vital role!

And to further foster that community, we'd love to have you come along side us as sponsors.

As a Sashes sponsor, you will of course have a large button place on our sidebar. We're limiting our sponsorship opportunities to just five so you'll have maximum exposure throughout the month.

You will have an opportunity for an optional guest post where you can share all about your business, your blog, your heart, whatever!

AND (my favorite part) you can also take place in monthly "Sashes Sessions." Our Sashes ladies are so excited to share with you their passions and interests as a way to help you grow as a writing, blogger, shop keeper, and homemaker. Sessions will include include information on blog and site design, writing and editing, home decor, creative expression, and building an online community. Although we're still working out the exact details of our Sashes Sessions, our aim is to provide you with information that can help you be even more amazing in the work you do!

Interested in partnering with us? Head here to get all the details.

Have questions? Feel free to email us at sashestothemerchants @ gmail dot com.

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