Friday, June 15, 2012

Craftiness Continuation

How good was it to read Laura's post yesterday about cleaning up the craft room?! If you didn't have a chance to read it definitely take some time to do so. The Lord must be calling us all to a higher standard in our studio because I am about to share a sweet tutorial/idea to help spruce up the work space. I've never written a tutorial so bear with me and give me a call if all else fails :).

Recently my husband made me two sweet little chalk boards that have been my favorite to keep up on. Although he made them they are super easy for any sister to complete. The first is a super basic "To Do" board crafted out of birch wood. Here is what you'll need:

- 1 piece of birch plywood cut to size
- chalk board paint
- paintbrush

Keep in mind that I am a "do it on the cheap" kind of girl. We used birch wood because we had it leftover from a painting of mine. Any type of plywood with a smooth surface works great.
Here are the steps:
1. Have your birch wood cut to size, if you don't have a circular saw or husband to cut it, you can go to Lowe's and they will cut your plywood to size, just ask :)
2. Paint three layers of the chalkboard paint on the plywood. Follow directions on can and leave proper time for drying.
3. Once dry write your business to-do list on your board in three sections, daily, weekly and monthly
4. Hang your new chalkboard in your studio! You will need to find a stud and screw the board in with a stud because of the weight of the plywood, may want to call a man for this part.

The second option is a slightly more involved and slightly cuter option. I have both of these up in my house. This one I keep in our dining room, I am starting to call it my re-mind-er board because I write down things for our house to remember like scripture and Jesus talk. Here's what you need for the picture frame chalk board.
- Chalk board paint
- Can of spray paint in desired color
- Old picture frame  (no glass or backing needed)
- Canvas board or sheet rock cut to size to fit in frame
- Gaff tape or duct tape

Here are the steps:
1. Spray paint your frame in the desired color, I suggest at least two layers 
2. Paint three layers of chalk board paint on your canvas board (for our board Robert cut a piece of old sheet rock we had laying around from an old project, but canvas board would work great as well or the birch wood from the first project)
3. Once all paint is dry set the board inside the frame and secure to backing. We gaff taped the sheet rock to the back of our frame...not the neatest, but quick and easy. Here is a pic of that step:
4. Set your new chalkboard in a high traffic area of your home. I love writing things on this board so Robert and I see it on a daily basis and are reminded of God's love and provision for us. Happy making, I hope this is all clear...seriously contact me if not:


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