Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Cleaning for the Craft Room

We're getting ready for some changes in our home and last night I finally got in my craft room and found the motivation to clean house.

My craft room is part shop, party hobby, part storage, part guest bedroom, so it gets quite a work out-- and quite the clutter.

But if you're like me, you definitely work better in a clean, pretty space.

Here's a few things I've done or will be doing shortly to make sure my space works the best it can in all the ways it needs to.

- Pull out all the things. If it has dust and you haven't used it since this time last year, get rid of it. If you're saving items for a new project, seriously consider the likelihood of taking on a new hobby at this time.

- Stash the small stuff. I keep all my little findings for jewelry and accessories in baby food jars. They are easy to find that way and won't go rolling away. I use my label maker to make sure everything has a home.

- Fold the fabric. I've got lots of fabric going every which way. Pull it all out and fold it in a uniform way so it can store easy and look pretty.

- Store smart. I keep less used items like seasonal fabric and my sewing machine under the bed and on the top of my closet whereas I keep things things I use every day like my jewelry tools and hot glue gun in a close drawer or shelf. No need to have everything out all the time. Head to the dollar store if you're in need of cheap boxes, baskets, or bins. A little money goes a long way in helping stay organized.

- Spread the love. If you don't see yourself sewing that or painting those, maybe give them to a friend who's looking for a new hobby. Maybe a local retirement home or preschool would benefit from your extra supplies. No need keeping things you don't need when others would get lots of joy out of creating with them.

Feeling motivated to clean yet? Do you have tips to cleaning your creative space (or staying more organized in the first place)?

And if all else fails, grab your glue gun and make a bedazzled sign that says "my craft room was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!"

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