Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do You Want to be a Sashes Gal?

Hi friends! We're looking for 5 sponsors Sashes Gals for the month of August. We'd love to partner with you and your home/handmade business.

As a sponsor, you will enjoy large button placed on our sidebar as well as an optional guest post that you can use to share your story, your business, your heart. 

You can also take part in monthly 'Sashes Sessions' where our contributors will be sharing their experiences with blog and site design, writing and editing, home decor, creative expression, and building an online community. Sashes only offers 5 sponsorship slots each month. This means that readers see and get you know you!  

August will be full of fun and exciting endeavors. We're ramping up for the Influence Conference, and where we'll be represented at the Sashes Market--full of lovelies handmade by talented ladies like you! 
*Pssst. We've got just a few vendor spaces left. And I mean a tiny few*

If you want to share your goods with all the lovely ladies at Influence as a vendor, email sashestothemerchants at gmail dot com and tell us about your goods. The vendor fee is $100. We may need to see a sample, you may be good to go. We want to be careful to not have too many similar products, so email us ASAP if you want in!

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