Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Stepping Out

I'm a fairly new photographer and earlier this Summer, I shot my first wedding.

The bride was a friend, and she was incredibly laid-back, and she knew it was my first wedding, so really, it was the perfect situation.

But on the morning of the wedding, as I ripped my closet apart trying to find something to wear that looked nice enough for a wedding but would let me crawl around in the grass and hang from rafters (well, not quite, but almost), I suddenly thought, "WHAT AM I DOING?"

For about 10 minutes, it was full-on panic time.  Why had I committed to documenting the most important day in these people's lives?  I felt like a fraud.  And like a fool.

But then it was time to go, so I pulled up my black leggings, grabbed my camera, and prayed all the way to the church. 

The day went by so fast, and by the end of it, I was exhausted.

But satisfied, too. Because in the face of blind panic, God had given me a lot of grace and a camera full of pretty photographs.

I thanked Him for His peace.  I thanked Him for His provision for me.  And I thanked Him that He gives His presence to a bride on her wedding day, and to the terrified photographer, too.

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