Friday, August 10, 2012


So, sharing on the books today... Recently I had the opportunity to talk with an artist friend who was brainstorming to market her art. I shared an idea with her that I had done in the past, I in no way gave her a golden ticket to success, honestly she was already arriving at some great ideas for her art, I'm sure she would have done fine without any input from me. But I did share with her, and I have to confess that I was a little reserved in doing so. The business side of me (which is ever so small) thought that if I share these ideas it has the potential to take business away from me. This was a heart check from the Father. I knew I was supposed to share it with her because it kept coming to mind, and I almost didn't because I was having a selfish heart. What I shared was not something I was trying to
actively market, it was something I had done before. It was a great money maker; but I didn't really enjoy doing it. The bottom line is, it wasn't the heart of my ministry so why shouldn't I share it?

I examined selfishness in my heart, and after the fact as I talked through my selfishness with Robert, I was able to process the dangers of holding what I have so tightly in my hands. As if it's even mine...It all belongs to the Father. What He shares with me I should share with others. When I hold my hands open to share what He's given, then my hands are in the proper position to receive something new from the Father, open. Open hands are always more beautiful than a tight fist.

What I'm not saying is show everyone all your tricks, or open the doors of your storehouse and give everything away. But what I would say is share, use discernment to know what and when to share, and then be willing to do it. Know in your heart that you belong to the Father and He will provide for you, He will never forsake you because you are His.

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