Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking the First Steps

Last week I shared some tips to starting your own handmade shop online -- some practical, logistical tips and tricks to getting started.

And aren't those practical steps easy to follow? Just check them off, one, two, three.

But so often, what stands in our way of dreaming big and making that dream a reality is something far less practical and tangible.

It rests inside of us, in our hearts, deep down.


Fear of failure, of embarrassment.

Fear that you or your dreams aren't good enough.

Do have those fears? Well go get them. Dig deep down, pull them out...


We know you can! And we want to help!

What stands in the way of opening a shop? Tangible and intangible...I want to know!

Faith put a call out for questions last week -- we really do want to know what questions you have to provide direction to what we share here on Sashes. 

Ask away -- we're listening!

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