Monday, November 14, 2011

guarding against fame

Hi. It's Monday morning. :).

Are you feeling the pull of this week? Honestly? I was feeling it last night as my head hit the pillow, already overwhelmed with my delicately domino like to do list.

Let's start with grace. Doesn't everything start with Grace? Most people struggle with the issue of fame. Or approval. Or comparison. Or false humility. They're all the same. We want to be liked. And be successful. And be known. And, I don't know. But. I think that getting caught up in a cycle of guilt and shame and tearing ourselves down because we struggle with it isn't going to help us step into freedom. Grace is available. When we see that we've made what other people think of us an idol we can confess it and move on. And then do it again. And then do it again. Without the pity party.

How can we practically guard against the constant need to do and be more and just post once more on twitter and check our facebook fans?

1. Intentionality. For me, it all begins with asking God what He wants to speak through me. Generally, it's knowing that whatever I write about, post about is moving toward what He wants to communicate. Specifically, it means considering each blog post, tweet, status update and business interaction. Does that seem overwhelming? It's not. Because "surely my boundary lines have fallen to me in pleasant places" (Psalm 16:6). I don't have to feel pressure to be someone or something else. Because I know what God's intention is for my interactions and business, I can say no. And that? Is freeing.

2. Do say no. It's ok to stop. It's ok not to post on twitter every day. It's ok to not even be on twitter. Or facebook. Or whatever new social media tool there is. It's ok because that's not what it's about. If I've sought God's intention, then I know that I don't need to feel driven about followers or retweets. Because it's about His message. Maybe you take Saturdays off. Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by all of this "connection." Take a day away. And I know that social media is the thing for promoting businesses and maybe you really need for yours to make money because your family depends on it. I get that. I'm just proposing that all of that is not beyond God's reach. God's desire and heart for you is stronger and more effective than any social media. Ok? So you can feel free to stop sometimes.

3. Act on putting your family first. For me, this has to be literal. If there are a few moments to work in the early morning before my family is up, I do that. If. But if not, I am really working on choosing NOT to let that pull steer me away from some good quality time with them very first thing. My family gets the first fruit. Period. That's what I'm working toward. I confess. There are days where it feels opposite. And when I get into that rut, I challenge myself not to pick up work or computer or any other thing related to business until I've had some sweet time with each of my children and with my husband. And. I try not to make that overwhelming. It might be reading a few books together. Or actually sitting down at the breakfast table instead of drinking coffee and making lunches and having the computer tucked into a corner so that I can just-get-one-more-thing-done. Some days I have to do it. You might, too. But when I don't? And I'm asking God to give me wisdom about that because there are more days when I don't than I realize. When I don't? I'm trying to stop and be literal about first fruits.

So. What about y'all? What are some practical ways that you dethrone fame? We can't wait to hear from you!

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