Friday, June 8, 2012

Reminder: Don't Grow Weary

It is not often I will characterize one as a "bad day" but this past Sunday I had my first of those in a long time. I had a table at a local market here in Park Circle where lots of local artisans sell their products for the afternoon. I have done a few of these in the past and I have always done really well, so I was looking forward to this one. I got there early and set up my tent in plenty of time for the market starting at 10. I had brought my lunch and a sketch book to work on some #scripturedoodles, I was ready to go!

Well, as you can imagine from my first statement about this day, as the market carried on I proceeded to sell almost nothing. An hour in I tried not to get too discouraged because sometimes it just takes a little time for people to get buying. However, by 1:30 when my husband came to visit me I was in full meltdown mode. He arrived to my poor attitude and I was instantly asking him multiple questions that I didn't actually want to hear an answer for. Why have I wasted my whole day? What is the point of being here? Am I wasting my life as an artist? Doesn't God know we need the money? Why do I have to be next to these cocky soap people who keep selling to everyone who walks in their tent....and so on. I had the worst attitude of all time and I was totally questioning the Lord's calling on my life from this one off day....deep breath. Obviously my sweetie did not leave my questions unanswered and he proceeded to remind me that I am being faithful in my work for the Lord. He told me a phrase that I have been making him recite to me lately: "God is our Provider"!

After Robert left, me still in my poor spirits, I sincerely sat down and asked the Lord..."what is my purpose in being here today"? And I felt a big rebuke coming from the Father. I actually heard, "shame on you"in my heart, and then something like...don't you know I'm your provider? Even if you don't sell anything will I not provide for you? My job is not to make you rich, but your job is to share the gospel. Then I thought, He's right. Who cares if I only sold one thing...will He not continue to provide for us as He always has? And my job IS to share his love with these people who don't know him. (if you've ever seen my work it is almost always scripture based) If someone who doesn't know the Lord walks into my tent and reads the scripture on one of my journals or prints they are hearing the truth of the gospel! They are taking into their spirit truth that maybe they have never heard before. Who cares if they don't buy anything, they are hearing the word of God, even if they don't believe it. God's word is sharper than any sword right? It penetrates straight to the heart...isn't that more valuable than a $15 print sale?

The verse that God gave me is Galations 6:9:
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up".
 It is not our job to worry over our sales or success, how many likes we get on Instagram how many easy sales we have each day. However, it is our job to continue in the work He has started in us and keep our eyes on the prize, the gospel. The love of  Christ. The only hope for this world. God is our Provider. God is for us. He will make a way for us.

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