Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make yourself busy with living.

There will be weeks when there is no work.

Weeks when your emails are quiet, your inbox is stagnant, your paypal account is scarily low.

It would be easy in those weeks to make yourself busy with worrying about whether or not the work will come again.  It would be easy to check all those inboxes over and over, waiting for the next order or inquiry.

But here's some advice: don't.

Instead, make yourself busy with life.  Enjoy the quiet moments, the naptimes empty of editing, the nights with your husband/your best friend/yourself with nothing pressing but good movies and good books.  Make something you haven't had time to make.  Pray for fresh ideas.  Reach out to people you want to collaborate with.

The work will come again.

Make yourself busy with living, with creating, and let Him take care of providing.

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